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PD-LD is a manufacturer of customized laser products, headquartered in Pennington, New Jersey, USA. Since 1993, PD-LD, Inc. has been leveraging top-notch technical and manufacturing capabilities to create active and passive (VBG®) laser products that are high-quality, cost-effective, tailored to customers’ needs, and delivered in a timely fashion. Furthermore, PD-LD continues to innovate on its patented volume Bragg grating (VBG®) technology, for which the company has been awarded 15 patents since 2003. Learn more about PD-LD’s core competencies and leadership team in the following video, and in the links below.

PD-LD in the News

PD-LD – LabSource, VBG-stabilized dual laser source – Prism Award Winner

Live from BiOS 2013 – LIGHT MATTERS 2/6/13

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