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Necsel Completes Its Acquisition of PD-LD

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA – April12, 2016 – Necsel IP Incorporated, a leading laser and laser solutions company,today announced the successful completion on March 23rd, 2016 of the acquisition of PD-LD (, a leader in communication, stabilized-module and VBG glass technology.


The McFarland Award has a long history of recognizing excellence in Penn State graduates. Previous winners have included captains of industry, respected academics, and entrepreneurs, truly an impressive collection of people and a testament to the excellence embodied in the graduates produced by this department from its rather humble beginnings to today. Two words that can be used to describe these past winners are “leader” and “achievement”. This year’s winner, Dr. Vladimir Ban, certainly embodies these traits.

PD-LD Completes ISO 9001:2008 Re-Certification

PD-LD Inc. (“PD-LD or the “Company has received approval for re-certification to ISO 9001:2008. Originally certified in 2002, the Company maintained a semi-annual audit schedule an completed the certification renewal one month ahead of expiration. PD-LD’s Quality management System is applicable to, “Design, Development, Assembly and Testing of Active and Passive Photonic Components”.

PD-LD Presents at BiOS 2014

PD-LD Inc. CTO, Dr. Boris Volodin will present a new application breakthrough using the Shifted Excitation Raman Difference Spectroscopy (SERDS) technique entitled, “Application of the shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy (SERDS) to the analysis of trace amounts of methanol in red wines” at the 2014 SPIE BiOS Expo. As SERDS becomes more prevalent in Raman… Read more »

PD-LD Announces Two New Board Members

Pennington, N.J. – June 5, 2013 – PD-LD Inc. (“PD-LD or the “Company”), the worldwide leader in Volume-Bragg Grating® (VBG®) technology today names Richard J. Capalbo and Uri Abrams as new Board members. Mr. Capalbo is the Principal in Richard Capalbo Enterprises LLC, a Los Angeles consulting firm specializing in bringing access to all aspects… Read more »

Go Green and Stay Green: PD-LD Introduces the Highly Stable LML-530-GB Green Laser for Advanced Spectroscopic and Analytical Instrumentation

Pennington, N.J. – Jan. 30, 2013 – PD-LD Inc. (“PD-LD or the “Company”), the worldwide leader in Volume-Bragg Grating® (VBG®) technology today announces the new stabilized 530nm single-mode laser module, LML-530-GB, as the newest product in their extensive portfolio of laser diodes for spectroscopic, biomedical and process control systems. The LML-530-GB laser is a turnkey,… Read more »

PD-LD Announces the Grant of Two New Patents: US 8,339,598 & US 8,340,150

Pennington, N.J. – Jan. 28, 2013 – PD-LD Inc., the worldwide leader in Volume Bragg Grating® (VBG®) technology, announces two new patents pertaining to developments in Volume-Bragg Grating® (VBG®) applications, further expanding the technologies uniqueness. The new patents focus on two specific areas within the VBG space. US 8,339,598 relates to Raman spectroscopy without the… Read more »

Bob Struthers Joins PD-LD as Executive Vice-President of Business Development

Pennington, N.J. – Feb. 8, 2012 – PD-LD Inc. (“PD-LD or the “Company”), the worldwide leader in Volume-Bragg Grating (VBG®) technology today announced that Bob Struthers has joined the company as Executive Vice President of Business Development. Bob brings to PD-LD over 30 years of experience in Photonics and Semiconductors from EG&G, Sensors Unlimited, Finisar… Read more »

PD-LD’s LabSource LS-2 Module Wins the 2011 SPIE Prism Award

Pennington, N.J. – Jan. 25, 2012 – PD-LD Inc. (“PD-LD or the “Company”), the worldwide leader in Volume-Bragg Grating (VBG®) technology is delighted to announce that its new LabSource LS-2 module has been declared the winner of the 2011 Prism Award, for Photonics Innovation in the Scientific Lasers Category. The PRISM awards, given annually at… Read more »

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