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PD-LD Announces Exclusive Patent for Ground-Breaking Shifted Excitation Raman Differential Spectroscopy (SERDS)

January 16, 2012 – PD-LD announces the grant of US Patent #7,982,869, which protects the use of dual laser sources for the analysis of a single substance. This novel technique based on VBG® laser wavelength stabilization, which is exclusive to PD-LD, provides the underlying mechanism for Shifted Excitation Raman Differential Spectroscopy, or SERDS.

SERDS is a powerful analytical technique that represents a significant development in the capabilities of Raman spectroscopy. “This patent enables PD-LD to offer Raman excitation sources that dramatically extend the capability of portable and lab-based Raman instruments alike, and is particularly relevant to the life sciences and security industries, where fluorescence is widespread,” said PD-LD CEO Vladimir Ban.

This newly patented methodology is exclusive to PD-LD – there are currently no licensees of this patent family – and is primed to give rise to a new family of patents in the coming year. “This patent further solidifies and validates PD-LD’s unsurpassed leadership in Raman excitation sources. “said PD-LD president Uri Abrams. “Our patent portfolio is rapidly growing, and we anticipate many more SERDS application patents to be issued in 2012.”

Stay tuned for additional news as PD-LD puts this new technology into the marketplace.

In the meantime, more information about PD-LD’s new dual-source technology can be found at,

and a copy of the patent can be viewed at

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