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PD-LD Announces the Grant of Two New Patents: US 8,339,598 & US 8,340,150

Pennington, N.J. – Jan. 28, 2013 – PD-LD Inc., the worldwide leader in Volume Bragg Grating® (VBG®) technology, announces two new patents pertaining to developments in Volume-Bragg Grating® (VBG®) applications, further expanding the technologies uniqueness. The new patents focus on two specific areas within the VBG space. US 8,339,598 relates to Raman spectroscopy without the use of a spectrometer where analysis is done on a series of discrete bands that are representative of the substance of interest. Such architectures lend themselves well to low cost, small and ruggedized handheld Raman detection systems.

US 8,340,150 claims a method of coherently combining the output of multiple laser emitters using a holographic optical element which combines the output of all the emitters into a single beam and a VBG output coupler, to stabilize the operating wavelengths of all simultaneously, resulting in a high brightness source via combining many emitters.


“These new patents add to our already-diverse range of VBG applications,” said Uri Abrams, President of PD-LD. “Continued expansion of our patent portfolio showcases PD-LD’s commitment to innovation and leadership within the VBG space.”

The company had also announced two additional patents over the last 12-months, US 8,306,088 which pertained to an FAC plus VBG monolithic element facilitating simultaneous collimation and stabilization of laser diodes and US 8,125,635 on “Shifted Excitation Raman Difference Spectroscopy”, a method the company pioneers in the Raman space where their newly released LabSource instrument LS-2 model was a winner of the SPIE Prism Award last year in the Scientific Lasers category.

“These recent developments enable us to offer products that exceed the expectations of the market place and supersede our competitor products “said Robert Struthers, PD-LD Executive VP of Business Development.  “Our award-winning and patent-protected technology sets PD-LD apart with a unique set of products and services”

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About PD-LD

PD-LD, Inc., a specialty photonic packaging company, headquartered in Pennington, N.J. is a U.S. manufacturer and assembler of pigtailed and receptacle mounted fiber coupled laser diodes, LED’s, Detectors, high power pulsed lasers and bi-directional devices for the optical communications, test equipment and medical industries.  Named one the fasted growing technology companies in N.J., PD-LD has also been very successful in developing a new Volume Bragg Grating® (VBG®) technology, with wide applications in many branches of photonic industries. The company provides custom Volume Bragg Grating® (VBG®) elements, VBG stabilized lasers and sub-systems for a variety of applications, including Raman Spectroscopy, Flow Cytometry, Medical Instrumentation, High Power Lasers and Displays. PD-LD currently licenses the VBG® technology to other companies active in the field. The technology is protected by 20 issued patents, with more pending.  For more information, visit or

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