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Product Information
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PD-LD  offers LED-based WDM-style bi-directional transmitter and receiver modules operating in the 850 and 1310nm optical windows. These devices, part number PW85ST, are designed to simultaneously transmit and receive over a single optical fiber at frequencies from DC to 200MHz.

Dual wavelength bi-directional modules replace the need for a multimode fiber coupled LEDs, a fiber coupled PIN photodiode, a discreet fiber optic WDM and a second stage optical isolator. The bi-directional modules combine all of these optical functions and relieve the user of having to fusion splice several discreet units together and then squeeze them onto their PCB.

  • Output Power of –16dBm typical
  • -40°C to 85o Operating Temperature Range
  • 850 nm LED Source
  • Low Internal Cross Talk
  • Low Noise InGaAs PIN Photodiode Receiver
  • Compact, rugged construction
  • Low Power Consumption
  • ST Board or Panel Mount Receptacle
  • Replaces Discreet Components
  • Class 1 Eye Safe Device%

These small , compact modules require minimal board real estate and when used in pairs deliver two way operation over a single 62.5/125um optical fiber.

The PD-LD product incorporates high reliability surface emitting 850nm light emitting diodes (LEDs)transmitters that have typical operating currents between 50 and 100mA.The receiver sections offer discreet InGaAs PIN photodiodes of planar semiconductor design that have dielectric passivation for very low noise performance at 1310nm. See the data sheet for the PW13ST series for the matching bi-directional module.

PD-LD’s BiDirectional WDM modules are built to meet the demanding requirements of industrial operating temperature ranges of –40 to 85°C.

The PD-LD bi-directional modules are 100% tested for conformance to specification and are of robust construction. The optical semiconductor die are mounted within hermetically sealed TO can subassemblies making them impervious to contaminants and moisture. This construction ensures that the modules will operate over full industrial temperature range.

Bi-directional Multimode LED 850T/1310R

  • PD-LD product # PW85ST
  • Replaces Zarlink MF799
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