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Product Information
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This wavelength-stabilized laser series in a 14-pin butterfly package is built utilizing PD-LD’s patented Volume Bragg Gratingâ (VBG®) technology.  This award-winning technology is used to stabilize and shape the emission spectrum of high power laser diodes for numerous applications including solid-state laser pumping, fiber laser pumping, high-resolution Raman spectroscopy and other applications requiring high-power temperature-stabilized narrow-linewidth laser source.

The butterfly package features internal TE cooler, temperature sensor and power-monitor photo-diode.  The power monitor can be installed with the pick-off positioned directly in the laser output for better linearity between the photocurrent and the output optical power.

  • Wavelength accuracy:  ±0.5 nm
  • Wavelength stability: < 5 pm
  • Line width (FWHM): < 1 cm-1
  • Built-in Thermo-Electric Cooler
  1. Simple and compact
  2. Economical
  3. Convenient Fiber Delivery
  4. Adjustable Optical Power

PDF Data Sheets
532nm Butterfly
647nm Red Butterfly

785nm ButterflyModule

Single Emitter butterfly output matrix

Wavelength Fiber Coupled Free Space
647 500 mW 700mW
780 500 mW 1 W
785 800 mW 1 W
808 1 W 1.2 W
830 800 mW 1 W
976 2 W 2.5 W
1064 2 W 2.5 W

*105/125 μm 0.22 NA fiber standard available.

Butterfly Single Emitters

  • 14-pin butterfly package
  • Wavelengths available: 532, 647, 785 & 1064nm
  • MM Fiber Pigtailed
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