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Product Information

Product Information
Packaging Information

PD-LD Inc. offers 1300nm Edge Emitting LEDs, ELEDs, in ready-to-use fiber coupled packages, including FC, ST and SC receptacles as well as fiber-pigtailed units. These 1300nm ELED devices have been packaged for optimal coupling into 9/125um optical fiber for use in single mode fiber optic applications. The semiconductors inherently fast rise and fall time make them ideal for high bandwidth applications. The wide optical spectrum, 60nm FWHM, of the semiconductor make them ideal for many noise sensitive applications.

The InGaAsP ELED’s offered by PD-LD are of proven design and manufacture. These units are backward compatible with those applications previously using devices offered by Agilent (HP) , OKI and JDSUniphase. They typically couple 8 to 10uW into SMF.

  • High reliability InGaAsP Diode
  • Compact, robust receptacle & coax fiber-coupled package
  • 5 to 20 uW into SMF
  • Fiberoptic communications systems
  • Analog Transmission
  • Ethernet Networking

 All PD-LD ELED’s incorporate a hermetically sealed semiconductor mounted in a TO can sub-assembly. These subassemblies are micro-positioned to various lens assemblies depending upon the package style and desired coupling efficiency. Fiber pigtailed devices are available with several choices of brackets to facilitate panel or pc board mounting.

Edge-Emitting LEDs (ELEDs)

  • Edge-emitting LEDs
  • 1300nm wavelength
  • Pigtail & receptacle options available
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