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Product Information
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Pulsed InGaAsP laser diodes offered by PD-LD are available in standard wavelengths centered at 1310 and 1550nm. Fiber-coupled Pulsed (duty cycle=1%, pulse width=10us) output powers range from 60 to 120 mW, depending on wavelength and desired performance level. These semiconductor lasers have low threshold and operating currents that help to ensure high reliability and long operating life.

  • High Power (Pulse 60 to 120mW)
  • Compact, reliable receptacle & coax fiber-coupled package
  • Stable single transverse mode oscillation
  • MQW (Multiple Quantum Well)
  • Fiberoptic Test Equipment
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometers

These units are available in ready-to-use, fiber-coupled packages, including FC, ST, and SC receptacles, as well as fiber- pigtailed units.

Optional board- or panel -mount flanges are available for pigtailed devices; contact PD-LD Sales. Fiber Pigtailed devices are made using an active micro-positioning system and YAG Laser welding system ensuring high reliability and coupling efficiency. High power pulsed lasers have a 4 pin configuration and do not have a rear facet monitor detector.

Pulsed Lasers 1310-1550nm

  • Pulsed 1310-1550 lasers
  • Various packaging and pin-out options are available
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