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Product Information

Product Information

The new Single-Longitudinal-Mode-Solution, SLM-series, Wavelength Stabilized Laser Modules for rapid integration into flow cytometers, interferometers, spectral instruments or laboratory research setups where reliable, stable single-mode laser performance is required. Several wavelengths;  660 nm, 78o nm and 785 nm are currently available. The integrated driver circuitry is versatile enough for many other potential sources as well.

SLM-series Laser Modules are available because of PD-LD’s longstanding proficiency in high performance fiber optic packaging and compact laser drive circuit design expertise. The SLM series Laser Modules can be operated over the temperature range of 0° – 40°C with variable power output. The small compact form factor, 86 cm3, 135 grams, requires only a 3.3V/2A supply. Laser controls are either TTL or serial commands.

  • Locked-onVBG stabilized wavelength
  • Power stable to </=1% over 8 hours
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact, one box design
  • Free-space and fibered versions available

• Raman Spectroscopy
• Flow Cytometry
• Confocal Microscopy
• Metrology
• Fluorescence Excitation
• Interferometry
• Microlithography

Orange Box Wavelength Stabilized Single Mode Series

  • Turnkey stabilized diode laser module
  • 20mW to 60mW output powers
  • Wavelengths include 660nm, 780nm and 785nm
  • VBG locked-on linewidth
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