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Product Information

Product Information
Features: 850nm SLEDs
Features: 1310nm SLEDs
Packaging Information

PD-LD Inc. offers a variety of standard Surface Emitting LED’s (SLEDs) in ready to use fiber coupled packages.

The SLED product offering includes both 850nm and 1310nm devices. These units produce broad spectrum, incoherent light and have wide spectral widths. Such SLED’s may be modulated from DC to 150 MHz or operated in continuous wave mode.

These devices may be operated in both analog or digital applications. It is typical to drive the SLED’s with up to 100mA forward current. Such devices do not require internal monitor photodiodes which simplifies drive circuit designs.

  • High reliability GaAlAs Diode
  • Compact, robust receptacle & coax fiber-coupled package
  • 5 to 30 uW into MMF
  • InGaAs Diodes systems
  • Wide Spectral Width, 160nm
  • Ideal for Networking Applications
  • DC to 200MHz operation

Packaging options include Receptacle style housings such as ST, FC and SC as well as fiber pigtailed co-axial assemblies. SLEDs are typically used with multi-mode optical fiber and may be specified for coupling to 50um , 62.5um or 100um core optical fibers. Units built with fiber pigtails are available terminated with optical connectors. Specialty fiber sizes may be available upon request.

Surface-Emitting LEDs

  • 850 & 1310nm wavelengths
  • Various fiber-coupled packages
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