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Product Information

Product Information
Features: 850nm VCSEL

PD-LD Inc. offers a variety of standard Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) in ready to use fiber coupled packages. Packaging options include Receptacle style housings such as ST, FC and SC as well as fiber pigtailed co-axial assemblies. VCSELs are typically used with multi-mode optical fiber and may be specified for coupling to 50 um , 62.5 um or 100 um core optical fibers. VCSELs may also be fiber coupled to single mode fibers with 5, 7 or 9 um core diameters. Units built with fiber pigtails are available terminated with optical connectors. Specialty fiber sizes may be available upon request.

VCSEL devices operating at 850 nm may be specified with or without internal monitor detectors for stabilizing the optical power output using feedback. VCSELs have inherently narrow optical spectrums of 0.5 nm FWHM. Maximum rise and fall times of 0.3 nsec make them ideal for high speed modulation , but the devices may also be operated in CW mode .

  • Low Operating Current, 6 to 12 mA typ.
  • High Speed > 1GHz
  • Hermetically Sealed optical subassembly
  • Three Different Laser/Photodiode Polarities available
  • Power monitor diode available
  • Available in TOSA housings for transceiver packaging

850nm VCSELS

  • 850nm wavelength
  • Narrow optical spectrum
  • High speed modulation or CW
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