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Product Information
Packaging Information

Visible series laser diodes feature standard wavelengths centered at 630nm, 650nm and 670nm. Fiber-coupled CW (continuous-wavelength) output powers range from 0.1 – 10 mW, depending on the fiber type and desired performance level. Devices may be optimized for coupling to sensor or telecommunication size optical fiber, from 3um to 200um core.

  • Fiber optic communications
  • Process control
  • Optical sensing and alignment systems
  • Test and measurement equipment

PD-LD Inc. offers a variety of packaging options for its’ Visible Series of laser diodes. These units are available in ready-to-use, fiber-coupled packages, including FC, ST, and SC receptacles, as well as fiber- pigtailed units.

Visible Series Laser Diodes, 630 to 690

  • Laser Diodes from 630-690 nm
  • Multiple pigtailed and receptacle packagings are available
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